The Central Statistical Office of the Ministry of Finance Grenada was established in 1960, under the Statistical Act No. 30 of 1960 and was revised under No 21 of 1961 which empower the office with the following mandate:

  • To take any census in Grenada;
  • To collect, compile, analyze, abstract and publish statistical information relating to the social, agricultural, economic, commercial, industrial and general activities and conditions of the inhabitants of Grenada;
  • To collaborate with Ministries and Departments of the Government, and with public bodies, in the collection, compilation, analysis and publication of statistical records of administration and Departments;
  • Generally to organize a coordinated scheme of social and economic statistics relating to Grenada;
  • To collect, whether in conjunction with a census or not, statistics relating to all or any of the matters set out above;
  • Ensure the confidentiality of all information provided to the  Statistical Office.

The Statistical Office provides information which is used in the planning and decision making processes at the national and regional levels.  We provide vital, economic and social information.  The main users of statistics produced are government, businesses, regional and international organizations, researchers, schools and individuals