The Central Statistics Office comprises of six (6) sections/units each with its own mandate.


The Economic Statistics

Objective: To initiate, after consultation with users and producers, statistical inquiries into new economic indicators that may serve as background for the formulation and evaluation of government policy; and may form the basis for regular information releases by the Statistics Department.


 Output: Quarterly and Annual Economic Indicators, Quarterly National Accounts and Balance of Payment Estimates, Price Indicies.


Social, Demographic Statistics and Publications


Objective: To generate social and environmental indicators for the formulation, pursuit and evaluation of the policies that government can execute for the reduction of poverty and other social ills.


Output: Vital Statistics Report, Abstract of yearly statistics


Census and Surveys


Objective: To process the Population and Housing Census results and conduct Labour Force Survey


Output: Population and Housing Census, Administrative and Labour Force survey Reports, and the Employment Index


Trade Statistics


Objective: To provide policy makers with timely, accurate and reliable trade statistics for trade negotiations, evaluation and monitoring of the economy.


Output: Annual Trade Digest Quarterly Trade Statistics


Price and Consumer Affairs


Objective: To enforce adherence to prescribe prices of Price Controlled Goods.

                    To educate and guide the public about their rights as consumers and about goods and services in general.


Output: Weekly radio programs, Quarterly consumer complaints report




Objective: Manage the Department’s resources by setting yearly work objectives for staff, so as to achieve maximum output.

Output: Production of the work programme, Training plan and Internet Web Page