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About Us

Grenada's Central Statistical Office


To create a highly efficient and professional department that will satisfy the data demand needs of all its clients (promoting a culture for setting and monitoring policy based on evidence and fostering well-managed national statistical systems that uses resources effectively).


To utilize technological innovations to provide the Government, Private Sector, Local, Regional and International institutions with accurate, reliable and timely statistics.


To utilize technological innovations to provide the Government, Private Sector, Local, Regional and International institutions with accurate, reliable and timely statistics.

Mandate and Objectives

The Central Statistical Office of the Ministry of Finance Grenada was established in 1960, under the Statistics Act No. 30 of 1960 and was revised under No 21 of 1961 which empower the office with the following mandate:

  • To take any census in Grenada;
  • To collect, compile, analyze, abstract and publish statistical information relating to the social, agricultural, economic, commercial, industrial and general activities and conditions of the inhabitants of Grenada;
  • To collaborate with Ministries and Departments of the Government, and with public bodies, in the collection, compilation, analysis and publication of statistical records of administration and Departments;
  • Generally to organize a coordinated scheme of social and economic statistics relating to Grenada;
  • To collect, whether in conjunction with a census or not, statistics relating to all or any of the matters set out above;
  • Ensure the confidentiality of all information provided to the Statistical Office.

The Central Statistical Office provides information which is used in the planning and decision making processes at the national and regional levels. We provide vital, economic and social information. The main users of statistics produced are government, businesses, regional and international organizations, researchers, schools and individuals.

Services Provided

Economic Statistics

Objective: To initiate, after consultation with users and producers, statistical inquiries into new economic indicators that may serve as background for the formulation and evaluation of government policy; and may form the basis for regular information releases by the Statistics Department.

Output: Quarterly and Annual Economic Indicators, Quarterly National Accounts and Balance of Payment Estimates, Price Indices.

Social and Demographic Statistics

Objective: To generate social and demographic indicators for the formulation, pursuit and evaluation of the policies that government can execute for the reduction of poverty and other social ills.

Output: Vital Statistics Report, Abstract of yearly statistics.

Trade Statistics

Objective: To provide policy makers with timely, accurate and reliable trade statistics for trade negotiations, evaluation and monitoring of the economy.

Output: Annual Trade Digest Quarterly Trade Statistics

Census and Surveys

Objective: To process the Population and Housing Census results and conduct Labour Force Survey

Output: Population and Housing Census, Administrative and Labour Force survey Reports, and the Employment Index


Objective: Manage the Department’s resources by setting yearly work objectives for staff, so as to achieve maximum output.

Output: Production of the work programme, Training plan and Internet Web Page

Environment Statistics

Objective: To provide high quality statistical information to improve knowledge of the environment, to support evidence-based policy and decision making, and to provide information for the general public, as well as for specific user groups.

Output: Environment statistics compendium

Organizational Structure (2023)

Our Team

Director of Statistics

Tiemmone Charles

Deputy Director of Statistics (Ag)

Caren Richards

Head of Economics Unit

Kenita Paul

Head of Social and Demographic Unit


Adrienne Green

Head of Trade Unit

Rachel Jacob

Head of Census And Surveys

Junior Alexis

Head Of Environmental Stats unit

Kishi Logie

Head of IT, Data Processing and GIS